Access control installation enhances security

Posted On 27 Apr 2018
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Delta Security has further enhanced security at a private residential development in Woodford, Essex with a new security installation including audio-visual access control and new aluminium security doors.

The access control solution serves 30 apartments and comprises Videx door entry functionality and an Intratone cloud-based fob key system. Each resident now has an LCD video screen connected to their handset allowing them to see and hear who is attempting access. The system has been extended to include both the front and back trade entrances providing additional convenience for residents accepting supermarket and online deliveries.

The key fob system provides each resident with access to both entrances, with fobs distributed to individuals and fully explained to residents prior to installation. Management is able to program fobs on site using the software provided, updating access as and when required.

Craig Tranfield, resident board member, responsible for the project says the fob system is ideal for a development of this type: “Previously keys were given to residents’ family members and there was no way to manage the number of keys distributed or cancel a key if it went missing. As each fob is coded we are able to cancel any that are lost, and indeed reprogram them if they turn up! This system allows us to allocate access to additional doors for those with a responsibility for both blocks.”