Axis to sell Canon solutions in EMEA

Posted On 01 Sep 2016
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VB-M50B FSLCanon Inc. and Axis Communications AB have announced an agreement under which the two companies would change their sales and marketing efforts in regional markets worldwide. In Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and North America, Axis will assume responsibility for the marketing and sales of Canon’s entire portfolio of network video products and solutions, starting in EMEA from September 1, and in North America from October 1. In the Japanese market, Canon Marketing Japan will continue to sell Canon’s network video product portfolio and, in addition, will partner with Axis, leveraging its  sales network and client assets to expand sales of Axis products to customers in Japan.

Canon Europe and Canon U.S.A. will become the sole providers of Canon network video products and solutions to Axis throughout the EMEA and North American markets. As for the rest of the Asia-Pacific region, Canon continues to explore options for the handling of its network video product and solution portfolio.

With the network camera market continuing to show potential, Canon has made a commitment to build a long-term presence within this industry. Since Canon welcomed Axis into the Canon Group in April 2015, both companies have discussed various options for leveraging their network video product and solution offerings. This new sales and marketing framework, which makes use of both companies’ established strengths in regional markets, provides a means of maximising the synergies of the Canon-Axis combination.

Canon’s support of partners and customers remains unchanged. Under the new framework, Canon partners and customers will benefit from Axis’s marketing, sales and technical expertise and will have access to a wider range of products and solutions.

Speaking exclusively to PSI, Ray Mauritsson, Axis CEO said that installers will not notice any difference in the supply of Canon products except that: “The only difference is that from now on Axis will be responsible for marketing, sales and service for Canon’s network video products. Axis will be the single point for sales of Canon’s entire network video product portfolio in EMEA and in North America. Axis will sell Canon network cameras through its existing partner network. Current Canon customers in EMEA, USA and Canada, or new customers interested in buying Canon network video products are welcome contact an Axis authorised partner.”

Asked if Canon would continue developing new surveillance solutions or if Axis will become the R&D arm of Canon CCTV too, Ray Mauritsson confirmed: “This change in operations doesn’t concern R&D, only marketing, sales and service.”