BT reveals IP target at CSL Insurers’ Forum

Posted On 17 Nov 2017
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CSL’s Simon Banks was host at the 11th CSL Insurers’ Forum

Every year the CSL Insurers’ Forum is the place for some big announcements and in-depth revelations and the 2017 event, the 11th, continued this trend with some industry heavy hitters presenting at the offices of UBM.

First up, following a welcome and introduction from host CSL’s Simon Banks was Ray Kay of Vodafone, who has presented at every one of the eleven events. Ray revealed that Vodafone now has 59m IoT connections globally with 81% of adopters reporting that their IoT usage has grown in the last year. More importantly still, research of these adopters has shown that 67% reported a return on investment of IoT systems. Finally Ray predicted that the future of connectivity for Vodafone is in narrow band technology.

Probably the biggest announcement of day, a major claim considering the gravity of the material being discussed, came from John Livermore of BT Consumer who revealed that BT plans to turn all of the UK into an IP model with digital voice for all customers by 2025. He said that as increasing numbers of people only want broadband services it makes sense to move the entire voice option over to IP. From November 2018 BT broadband will be offered with a voice service included delivered over fibre and copper via the customer’s router. The service is currently named Single Order Generic Ethernet Access or SoGEA for short.

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