Burglary and social media correlation

Posted On 10 Aug 2018
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New research by Swinton has uncovered that Manchester residents are the most likely to fall victim to a break-in. This is closely followed by the cities of Middlesborough and Leeds. Surprisingly, London doesn’t chart in the top ten riskiest cities. London’s larger population size means that although almost 80,000 burglaries took place, the percentage of the residents that were broken into in the last twelve months is under one per cent (0.89 per cent), compared to 1.5 per cent in Manchester.

The analysis found 72,558 ‘risky’ social media posts and a direct correlation between oversharing on social media. Users are sharing details regarding being out of the home, on holiday, purchasing a new car or a new home.

Crime data also shows that 49% of burglary offenders are known to the victim. This indicates that thieves could be monitoring social media accounts to seek out opportunities for burglaries and the survey findings certainly support this view, with 33% riskier social media posts this year across the UK.

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