Dycon expands Welsh manufacturing facility

Posted On 16 Dec 2019
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Dycon Power Solutions has reached an agreement with DTR Mouldings to acquire and move all of its production into Dycon Power Solutions’ Mountain Ash manufacturing plant.

DTR Mouldings current Director, Derek Ballam, will be joining Dycon to oversee and run the plastics operation providing an experienced point of contact for both existing and new customers. There will be no interruptions in supply during the changeover and no price increases are envisaged.

As DTR manufactures parts that are used in Dycon’s power units, this new arrangement is ideal for the two companies. With its new investment in the plastics business and new machinery, Dycon sees an opportunity to increase production for existing customers and to develop new business opportunities both at home and abroad. This new organisation will enable Dycon to maintain DTR’s current pricing structure for as long as possible.

The newly expanded operation is good news for existing customers of DTR as they will now be able to call on the support of all the whole Dycon Team, speeding up help when needed and ensuring rapid fulfilment of orders.