Enhancing fire detection and monitoring

Posted On 18 May 2018
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Kentec has launched its Ockular software solution providing complete control over fire detection and monitoring.

The software enables the creation of a 2D site map of any site or building to monitor fire safety and detection, and automatically switches to an area where a fire device has been activated to allow immediate viewing and investigation of an event. It will also display the relevant emergency assembly and fire control points.

Configurable on-site using an administrator login, Ockular supports dual screens allowing a dedicated screen for the 2D graphic map and a separate screen for system management. It also reports any configuration errors ensuring that the graphics system is maintained and updated whenever the panel configuration is revised.

Stephen Hynes, Sales and Marketing Director at Kentec, says Ockular plays a crucial role in safeguarding people, property and data: “In a fire situation, speed of response is critical,” he explains. “Our new Ockular solution allows operators to quickly and accurately determine where a fire has been detected, and take the appropriate response.”

Other features include programmable macro buttons to perform panel control operations and map navigation, device and zone disablements/enablements, and comprehensive event log filtering and reporting.