Enhancing time-to-insight with IVA

Posted On 11 Jul 2019
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Video is a great enabler, delivering a rich depth of information which can be used intuitively by operators and those investigating incidents. However, the management of IVA- and alarm-related data is critical. Smart systems utilise a variety of data to filter events and apply criteria when making decisions on how to best handle a situation. As a result, partnering with HPE makes sense as the company has a wealth of experience in this sector.

CUDO Communication, a video surveillance technology provider, delivers a range of intelligent video surveillance solutions. As an HPE OEM partner, CUDO was able to offer competitive differentiation and deliver the performance, scalability, reliability and support customers demanded from their security analytics systems.

Additionally, HPE has committed to invest $4 billion in intelligent edge technologies and services over the next four years, cementing its place as an innovator in this growing sector. The goal is to drive development in sectors such as AI, machine learning, edge computing and smart automation.

Turning data into intelligence requires serious processing power, which is why HPE entered into a joint venture with NVIDIA to help push the high-level analytical processing used by artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning to the edge, thus creating video analytics which accelerate time-to-insight. This approach also reduces the need for data transfer, which can be bandwidth-hungry. Edge-based processing also mitigates the risks of data loss or corruption.

The partnership with NVIDIA resulted in the high performance of HPE’s Edgeline Converged Edge Systems. These systems are designed specifically for high-level data acquisition, making use of enterprise class analytics to deliver appropriate control actions directly at the edge, in real-time. This is achieved by leveraging the full power of NVIDIA Tesla accelerated artificial neural networks to power AI and deep learning capabilities.

HPE’s Edgeline Converged Edge System hardware processes video data in real-time at the edge, thus eliminating any data management issues which may be caused by network problems or bandwidth restrictions. The edge-based servers are more than capable of handling today’s advanced and complex intelligent video analytics solutions, including those which use AI-based technologies.

Edge-based management and processing is a perfect solution for intelligent video analytics and AI-enabled processing as it negates any need for transfer of significant amounts of video data to a central location, ensuring a quick and consistent time-to-insight for users. The approach also delivers cost savings relating to networking and data storage, ensuring the solution is both effective and cost-efficient.

The use of HPE’s Edgeline Converged Edge Systems enhances the performance of today’s more complex video analysis solutions, allowing the use of AI-enabled technologies through the provision of advanced processing options. This delivers a greater level of benefits for the user, significantly increasing their return on investment. By keeping the processing at the edge, potential system latency is eliminated, as are risks associated with data transfer including tampering and sabotage.

To further assist its partners, HPE runs the Channel-to-Edge Institute (CEI), a partner program designed to support those supplying HPE solutions along with their own Edge products and services. In order to offer support, CEI has three elements. The first is training and support with regard to business use cases, delivering insights into how the technologies can be deployed. This is backed up by education about return on investment, highlighting how business outcomes can be improved. Finally, HPE works with its partners on joint go-to-market campaigns and sales enablement.

As the use of AI technologies and deep learning increases, the demands on infrastructure will intensify. Ensuring the hardware is both capable and robust is of increasing importance where video solutions perform critical roles.

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