GDPR discussed at Midwich Technology Exposed

Posted On 13 Oct 2017
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Bosch Security Systems exhibited at the event alongside 57 other companies

Distributor Midwich gathered over 1,000 visitors from its partner community to showcase vendor offers for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), corporate, retail and education sectors at this year’s Technology Exposed event.

Visitors to the event heard keynote speaker Kate Adamson and seminars from Fujitsu and KodakAlaris address the upcoming GDPR. KodakAlaris showcased how its technology can find, categorise and unlock the hidden potential of unstructured data. While Fujitsu presented software with a track record of success adoption by GDPR compliant companies.

Kate Adamson, Futurist & CEO, Futurenautics, said about GDPR: “1.9 billion records were lost or stolen in the first half of 2017, which is more than during the whole of 2016 and that really demonstrates that cyber attacks aren’t just likely any longer, they’re inevitable. The consequences of breaching the new GDPR when it comes into force could be significant, so it’s understandable that businesses are worried, but complying with the GDPR is actually an opportunity to develop digital competence, which is going to be essential for any business to remain competitive in the future. It starts with really understanding the data the organisation stores, who owns it and whether it holds a business value, and then having the tools to actively identify, quantify and recover from a breach as effectively as possible. If a business can do those things it’s laid the groundwork not only for GDPR compliance, but successful digital transformation too.”

Matthew Smith, Product Manager Document Solutions, commented on the channel opportunity: “The potential for growth in the context of GDPR was immediately clear to us, and we are proud to bring partners some exciting products that offer clear benefits to those digitising content in light of the incoming regulations.”