IDS Group tackles fly-tipping with ANPR

Posted On 24 Oct 2016
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grovelands3psiDespite the efforts of local councils, London still has a very prominent fly-tipping issue. In 2015 the Evening Standard quoted: “London contains six of the UK’s ten worst areas for fly-tipping”. This is a problem that developers and residents alike have to deal with on a regular basis. As a result property owners have to foot the bill to clear the rubbish in order to maintain their image and the health and safety of their sites.

Solving this issue was high on MIS Properties’ list when assessing the security requirements for their latest development, in North London, Southgate. Melis Charalambous, MIS Properties’ Project Manager, explains the predicament: “For my newest residential project I wanted to offer a high level of security throughout the building. My main aim was to find a system to assist with block management and I also wanted to offer a desirable amenity to achieve higher rental figures.

“Prior to this project I had considered implementing security systems at previous developments but was never certain which systems to choose. I did not want to have to deal with complicated technical systems that I would not know how to operate.”

Tas Kyriacou, Business Development Consultant IDS Group, describes the process to finding MIS Properties’ ideal solution: “After completing a site survey, we decided to tackle the problem right at the entrance. We suggested an ANPR camera to control the gated access. With the camera in place only preregistered vehicles can now enter the development.”

To work in tandem with the ANPR and increase the overall security of the site, IDS Group installed CCTV for complete surveillance. Furthermore, to increase the control of access to the office video entry phones were used outside the gate and at the office entrance, ensuring only people who have been vetted are able to enter the buildings. As part of the site’s security upgrade the telephone system were improved by installing VoIP phones which integrate with the entry phones so telephone handsets can be used to let people in. VoIP lowers company’s phone bills as it uses internet connections to make virtually free calls – saving the building some operational costs while increasing their security.

“The ANPR controlling the entrance gate has proved to be a very fluid solution, it has not hindered entrance or exit to the development but we have gained a significant level of security and eradicated our fly-tipping issue,” confirms Melis Charalambous.