Improving efficiency at Tewkesbury Community Hospital

Posted On 19 Mar 2018
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Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust has updated and improved Tewkesbury Community Hospital’s car park using Nortech’s Feemaster system. The range was installed by ASGuk, who were appointed by Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust to design and install a parking control system to stop visitors misusing the site’s car park.

ASGuk proposed a solution that fitted the client’s needs now and in the future, combining both automatic barriers and parking ticket control. ASGuk selected Nortech’s FeeMaster parking system as part of the design, which includes the FeeMaster Smart Entry Station, FeeMaster Smart Exit Station, and a number of FeeMaster Smart Consoles for inside the building. The console allows the staff to control any misuse of the car park and ensures that there are enough parking spaces for visitors and patients.

Nortech’s FeeMaster Smart parking management system uses Mifare smart cards avoiding the need for cabling between components and minimising disruption.

Chris Vokes, Technical Sales at ASGuk Security and Safety Systems commented: “We selected Nortech because its systems were the right fit for the hospital’s short and long-term needs. The products provide an easy solution to the ongoing parking problem and fitted the criteria for what the client wanted, including reduced cabling.”

The FeeMaster entry station is designed to be used to record the date and time that a vehicle enters a car park. Located at the entrance of the car park, it issues tickets to visitors as they arrive, with each ticket containing a barcode, serial number and the date and time. Dispensing the ticket triggers an ‘open’ signal to the entry barrier.

The ticket is then taken to the hospital’s reception desk where the date and time is used in conjunction with the FeeMaster Smart Console.

The FeeMaster Smart exit station prevents unauthorised vehicles leaving a car park or entering restricted areas. Located at the exit of the car park or the entrance to a restricted area, it validates the Mifare smart cards and exit tokens.