Inner Range urges platform migration

Posted On 31 Jan 2019
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An example of Integriti graphics capabilities

Inner Range has announced that customers with Concept systems should migrate to Integriti as Concept nears “End Of Life”. Integriti is compatible with Concept so migrating is easy and cost-effective at only a fraction of the cost of an entire system replacement, says the company.

Concept systems and parts are available to buy until the end of April 2019. Inner Range will continue to provide technical support for existing customers, repairing or replacing parts from existing stock or suitable alternatives as necessary. However, the system’s underlying technology is no longer economical to maintain in comparison with platforms like Integriti, and Inner Range has found it increasingly difficult to source the required electrical components.

Concept systems use Insight software. Insight follows the same End Of Life timeline as Concept.

Tim Northwood, General Manager at Inner Range, said: “We owe much of our success to the Concept system and we remain very proud of our flagship product. But technology always moves forward. Integriti is a brilliant product for enterprise spaces and offers a very cost-effective migration path for our Concept customers.

“We’ll continue to provide technical support for Concept users but we’re urging them to migrate to Integriti. This will futureproof their system and give them access a whole host of additional benefits.”

Concept 2000 was Inner Range’s flagship system. It was designed by three of the four founders of Inner Range: Doug Frazer, David Baughan, and Alan Winch. First installed in 1989, the system was updated to the Concept 3000 and later the Concept 4000.