Installer businesses show increase in value

Posted On 20 Feb 2017
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As the UK economy continues to gain confidence, there seems to be some more encouraging news for the UK’s largest security system installers.

A new study from UK business analysts Plimsoll, which has analysed the financial health of the largest 834 security system installers operating in the UK, indicates that, on average, installers have increased in value by 2 % in the last twelve months.

The 2017 study states while average company value within the industry has increased by 2%, further data reveals only 25 firms have seen their worth soar by 10% or more.

Further findings from Plimsoll show:

  • Overall, the value of security system installers analysed in the report are up 2%
  • However, 79 businesses have seen their value fall by a third

Plimsoll’s lead author, David Pattison, said: “As a director, taking stock of your company value is a great barometer to measure your success and to analyse the overall state of the market. In all, we have identified 25 businesses that have increased in value by 10% and their financial performance adds to the belief that the overall market is continually improving. Having said that, we have seen 79 businesses that have seen their value fall by over a third and it is clear that, although the market is improving, it is still a challenging landscape.”