Laser sensor for indoors and outdoors announced

Posted On 06 Jan 2017
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Optex has announced the rollout of its outdoor and indoor laser sensor RLS-2020S, complementing its Redscan mini sensor that features a 20x20m detection range.

In indoor environments the S-model can be set up to identify fast travelling objects or very small objects. This information can be relayed to a VMS to provide a quick response. The sensor is PoE compliant, and can send alarms via traditional relay outputs or by using its IP based Redwall event code that is integrated with all major VMS platforms.

The processor enables the RLS-2020S to be deployed in outdoor environments, and has a number of environmental resistance features to further minimise false alarms in varying weather conditions.

In terms of installation and set-up, installers can now set four independent zones of detection within each sensor’s range (as opposed to its predecessor’s one-zone detection).