Micro SD cards designed for surveillance

Posted On 17 Apr 2018
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Micron has announced general availability of the 128GB and 256GB edge storage microSD card solutions and collaboration with several video surveillance solution providers to promote surveillance-grade edge storage. Built on Micron’s 64-layer 3D TLC NAND technology, the newly released solutions enable greater capacity in a smaller space, delivering up to 30 days of surveillance video storage in the camera itself.

Over 98 percent of all microSD cards sold globally in 2017 were used in consumer applications, according to IHS Markit. These consumer-grade memory cards are not designed and validated for commercial use in video surveillance applications. Micron’s industrial microSD cards are designed for professional video surveillance use cases and include a three-year warranty for 24×7 continuous video recording usage. The Micron microSD card design and firmware is optimised to ensure a robust and low-maintenance system design that delivers 24×7 continuous recording capability with minimum video frame drops.

“Due to a lack of surveillance-grade solutions, organisations have relied on the use of retail microSD cards that are not optimised for 24×7 recording. As a result, these cards may fail earlier and also experience video frame drops as high as 30 percent,” said Amit Gattani, senior director of embedded segment marketing at Micron. “With a strong industry trend toward more analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) in surveillance cameras, there is a growing demand for higher reliability and higher density storage in the cameras. Micron is addressing this need with 256GB in a surveillance-grade microSD card.”