Motion detection with 3D intelligence

Posted On 03 Feb 2017
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Mobotix has announced the further development of the MxActivitySensor. This video motion detector, which has been integrated in cameras since 2013, differentiates between events that are relevant and irrelevant to alarms and thereby reduces the number of false alarms. This motion analysis detects moving objects and does not trigger any false alarms in the event of interference such as rain, snowfall or moving trees or poles.

With the MxActivitySensor 2.0, thanks to 3D motion detection, false alarms caused by common types of motion from birds or small wild animals can be reduced. This means that the camera always keeps an eye on the essentials and only triggers an alarm for security-relevant events. A practical example is the monitoring of the flat roof of a warehouse. With MxActivitySensor 2.0 in place, intruders trigger an alarm wherever they might be on the roof, while a bird would not. Persons at the fence do not go undetected, either. If someone enters the premises, an alarm is triggered, whereas with a watchdog no alarm is triggered.

Alongside MxActivitySensor 2.0, Mobotix now offers a new four-way sensor: MxMultiSense. This sensor records information such as the noise level, movement (PIR), temperature and brightness. It also monitors areas that cannot be captured by cameras.