Outdoor PIR with anti-masking technology

Posted On 15 Nov 2019
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Takex Europe has launched a 12m x 180 degree dual-zone outdoor PIR sensor with anti-masking technology. The MX-12FAM features dual-zone detection which, requiring simultaneous detection across horizontal and downward zones, prevents nuisance alarms from small animals and passing vehicles.

A new external appearance with a single colour-matched lens design allows MX-12FAM to blend discreetly within any environment in which it’s placed. Beneath the cover the optical heads have been streamlined into fixed, but independent, 90-degree left and right sides for up to 180-degrees of complete coverage; still fully configurable from 2m to 12m, with durable area masks now stored within the device which allow the coverage pattern to be customised to meet specific site requirements.

MX-12FAM includes an anti-masking system with near-lens awareness designed to expose any attempt to defeat the sensor by obstruction, and initiate a trouble alarm if compromised. Front and back tampers can detect interference or attempted theft of the sensor any time of the night or day.

Also included are dual alarm signal outputs, which allow installers to choose between individual outputs for each 90-degree left and right side, or a combined 180-degree output plus an external trigger for connecting CCTV or ancillary devices.