Panama City casino updates security operations

Posted On 07 Aug 2017
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Qognify has announced that the Golden Lion Marbella casino in Panama has selected Qognify VisionHub to upgrade security, safety and operations. Formerly the Princess Casino Marbella, Golden Lion features one of the largest casinos in Panama City which will now benefit from total coverage with Qognify’s security solution for gaming featuring its market leading VMS, VisionHub.

The casino environment is an enticing target for criminal behavior for both visitors and employees – with large amounts of money constantly changing hands. Continuous, reliable 24x7x365 monitoring is a necessity for theft and fraud prevention, allowing casino security management to identify, verify and resolve unfolding incidents. VisionHub provides 100% system availability combined with high-definition video quality casinos need when monitoring card playing and money counting.

The security program at the casino serves as both a deterrent and accurate, non-refutable method to settle disputes. “VisionHub gives us the ability to view gaming sequences from many different angles and zoom in for close-ups,” said Mr. Hasky, President of Sortis Hotel, Spa & Casino, Golden Lion Marbella. “If a dispute arises, we can scroll through the video quickly – back and forth – and view images from several cameras simultaneously. We can see the fine details, which cards each player held, the exact amount of a bet and when it was placed.”

“Gaming is a challenging environment that requires an exceptional enterprise solution,” said Moti Shabtai, CEO and President of Qognify. “The solution our teams designed for Golden Lion Marbella enables them to cost-effectively monitor the entire casino operation, with high-quality video. In turn, this facilitates the prevention of potential security issues, promotes the safety of guests and protects the integrity of casino operations.”