The existing security installation needed to be replaced due to its age and persistent issues with the EEPROM. The client wished to make use of existing cabling and connected components as much as possible to limit disruption to the day-to-day running of the swimming pool. Van Wakeren Beveiliging BV installers chose Vanderbilt’s SPC5330 for its flexible design and appearance.

Solutions provided:

  1. SPC5330 provides the ability to control intrusion and access rights. User’s rights can be restricted by time, day, or area. The system can be expanded up to 128 zones and can provide for up to 500 users. It contains memory for 10,000 intrusion and 10,000 access events. The system is expandable with wireless receivers and supports up to 120 wireless detectors.
  2. For this installation, the existing resistance configuration was used, while the structure of the SPC bus was adapted to the existing installation. With a flexible bus structure, and support for the existing resistor configuration, the SPC system was the perfect choice to retrofit this
  3. The built-in SPC web browser made it easy for the manager of the swimming pool to manage the user profiles and to create user pin codes. The manager also uses SPC Connect, meaning any IP-enabled SPC panel can be remotely accessed. With the SPC Connect app, the manager can monitor and manage any alarms immediately through alert notifications.
  4. Various areas on the property are in use and some of these areas utilize SPCs autoarm feature. Due to the complexity of the installation, it was necessary to divide the system up into distinct and separate areas. By using the SPCE120 LED indication module in combination with a keypad, it is easy to read whether an area is armed or not. SPC also prevents unauthorized access when the system is set, thus reducing false alarms.


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“Installing and programming the SPC5330 was very easy. There were no issues during boot up with existing components. The product is of a noticeably high quality.”

  • Hendrie Versteeg, Technical Manager of Van Wakeren Beveiliging BV.