Providing 24/7 protection for Picasso exhibit

Posted On 07 Jun 2017
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Milestone XProtect, the open platform IP video management software (VMS), was selected to provide a 24-hour video security solution to protect the Pablo Picasso exhibit at the Tomie Ohtake Institute in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Tomie Ohtake Institute covers 2,300 square meters, divided into seven gallery areas. For the Picasso exhibit, two galleries measuring 300 square meters each were used. According to the systems integrator, the security objective for the Picasso exhibit was to make sure that there were no surveillance camera blind spots of the exhibit space.

An integrator representative said: “We carefully studied the location to determine the best plan for implementing a video monitoring and security system.”

The Milestone XProtect VMS managed, displayed, and recorded video data for live, real-time monitoring, and stored video for the forensic review of events. The Milestone Mobile client enabled remote viewing of video images on iOS or Android mobile devices, in addition to the user interfaces using computers with high-speed Internet.

The Picasso exhibit’s total video security solution included the Milestone XProtect VMS, Milestone XProtect Smart Client, Milestone Mobile client, and Axis 3007-PV panoramic network cameras. The integrator also installed an Allied Telesis PoE Switch and SPEEDY fibre optic technology. The staff in charge of operating the system was provided with user training and a course on the use of video security.

“Thanks to this total surveillance solution, there were no incidents during the Picasso exhibit,” said the integrator. “The system helped prevent problems and created a safe and secure experience for everyone who attended.”