Secure platforms are a critical system element

Posted On 09 May 2019
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Today’s security surveillance implementations can deliver enhanced benefits and added value for end users, thanks to the deployment of new technologies. Those companies delivering security solutions are able to implement levels of flexibility and scalability previously unavailable to the market, thus enabling the creation of smarter systems that not only protect, but also provide valuable benefits for the businesses and organisations which invest in these solutions.

Thanks to advances in Edge infrastructure, the days of security systems being one-dimensional in their functionality are over. Alongside protection for people, property and assets, today’s solutions can also deliver business efficiencies, building management and operational intelligence by exploiting the big data which is captured by always-on security implementations.

The rise of IoT deployments has accelerated the capture of data, enhancing the benefits of converged systems, and rightly end users are seeking to exploit the depth of intelligence on offer. However, this also introduces a challenge for those offering advanced security solutions as the increased number of edge devices – and the associated services running on the system – creates an enlarged attack surface unless cybersecurity best practices are strictly adhered to.

Cybersecurity is of increasing importance to end users, and whilst much emphasis is placed on the hardening of edge devices, it remains critical that the core infrastructure is also protected and capable of delivering robust security and stability if a worst-case scenario develops.

As such, it is vital that those delivering advanced technology-based surveillance deployments partner with companies who have a comprehensive and cohesive approach to the implementation of cyber defences, especially as an increasing number of potential ‘entry points’ to digital systems can be created in the current fluid technological landscape.

In order to mitigate risks and reduce the threat level, Hewlett Packard Enterprise OEM Solutions considers the security of surveillance technology to be of paramount concern. The need for secure edge devices cannot be emphasised enough, but edge-based topologies can also eliminate threats. For example, the majority of surveillance devices transfer data to central storage for analysis and management. Moving data from one location to another may increase the attack surface of a system.

HPE OEM edge solutions reduce the data flow to the central system core. HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems enable computational functionality and data management at the edge.

Alongside this approach, data which is necessary to be transferred can utilise HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers. Designed to mitigate the risks when using IoT devices in edge computing environments, the servers cannot be booted with compromised firmware due to the use of a digital ‘fingerprint’ embedded in the silicon. Additional firmware threat detection identifies any system compromises, allowing the user to automatically recover the server to a trusted state, significantly reducing any potential downtime.

Additionally, the use of HPE InfoSight for Servers allows the firmware to apply smart analytics to system behaviours, enabling the rapid detection of threats. The data used to assess the security of the hardware includes streaming statistics and performance information, heartbeat data to ensure an active communication with HPE InfoSight, diagnostics for configuration data, exception alerts, and analytics for VMware.

Cybersecurity should never be considered as requiring a single solution. The only effective way to protect an advanced surveillance solution is by taking multiple steps to enforce security and protection of the infrastructure. A combination of HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems to minimise unnecessary data transfers, combined with the use of robust and resilient HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers for essential centralised processing and the smart AI-enabled analytics of HPE InfoSight for Servers can ensure a secure and resilient platform.

The result is that advanced surveillance solutions can provide flexible and scalable protection without becoming a risk in themselves.

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