Senstar and Aimetis to become one company

Posted On 29 Sep 2017
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Senstar has announced the beginning of a transition period to bring Aimetis under the Senstar brand. Senstar acquired Aimetis in April 2016 and since that time the two companies have worked in parallel to continue to provide PIDS and VMS solutions, but over the coming months, Senstar and Aimetis will become one company, resulting in reduced complexity, improved performance, and unified support.

“Bringing together the PIDS expertise of Senstar with the VMS and analytics knowledge of Aimetis enables us to offer an unrivalled range of security solutions and support,” said Senstar President Brian Rich. “Throughout the transition period we are committed to ensuring as little disruption as possible to our business. Our customers and partners can expect the same accessible, responsive and flexible sales and support they have always relied on, and to be well-informed regarding any changes that may affect them.”

The combination of PIDS and VMS addresses a growing trend in the security industry to reduce complexity by enabling customers and partners to source security solutions from a single provider, resulting in reduced costs and greater accountability, says the company.