System combines DNA spray and CCTV

Posted On 20 Sep 2016
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dnacctvA system that sprays invisible ink to identify intruders and remotely activated video cameras that live stream to mobile phones has been created to reduce home burglary incidents. DNA Detective has been developed by South Australian company DNA Security Solutions and uses a spray machine to mark home invaders with an invisible dye that is revealed under UV light.

The mist is made up of 99.9 per cent purified water, a vegetable-based fluorescent dye and a unique synthetic DNA code. The DNA marking technology stains the clothes and skins of unwanted visitors for up to six weeks, allowing police to forensically place criminals at the scene of a crime.

The Signatag spray machine can be activated automatically through an alarm system or manually by smartphone to spray burglars as the leave the premises. It works in tandem with a wireless camera system, which is used to identify an intruder and see what they steal. An alert is sent to a homeowner’s phone when the alarm is activated and they are able to remotely control the cameras using Wi-Fi.

Once a suspect is apprehended, police can shine a UV light to highlight the spray residue and then use a swab to match the Signatag to a specific home.

The Adelaide-based company is making minor modifications to the product, which it plans to launch in the United States early next year.