UK fire & security software provider is acquired

Posted On 09 Jul 2019
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Alarm Master in action

Asolvi has acquired PC Data, an independent supplier of service management software for the fire and security systems industry. It is the architect of the Alarm Master solution and has more than 600 customers nationwide. Together Asolvi and PC Data will have more than 1,500 customers across 30+ countries.

“This is a logical step for us following our other acquisitions in the UK within the field service management space,” says Pål M. Rødseth, CEO of Asolvi. “The team at PC Data have served the UK fire and security sector for many years. Following discussions with Ken Symmonds and Philip Jackson of PC Data, we all agreed that we can create better, stronger products and secure the existing customer base by joining forces. Asolvi has a good number of customers in this vertical already, but now PC Data brings a pool of industry specialists to the table. This will help us deepen our expertise in fire safety and security.”

PC Data’s Ken Symmonds and Philip Jackson added: “We believe that being part of a larger software group will add strength to the product development that is needed in such a high-stakes market. We have also got to know Asolvi as a competent and dedicated company in the service management space and are confident that bringing the companies together will benefit our customers in the future.”

Asolvi has now added Alarm Master and BASE to its product suite, which already includes the Evatic, Tesseract, WinServ, CBS, 2Serv, Service Accent, and Vantage Online Solutions.

Pål M. Rødseth spoke to PSI about the acquisition and what it might mean for UK customers:

Why did you choose to acquire the company?

PC Data brings even more industry specialists to the table which will undoubtedly help us deepen our expertise in fire safety and security systems, and become the Europe’s top provider of field service management software for this vertical.

Will you be changing anything about the company; will customers notice anything?

We cannot guarantee that nothing will change, however we are making this acquisition because we want to grow in the alarm and security sector. The customers should expect us to further invest in products and improve the services in the future.