Wavestore announces launch of new VMS version

Posted On 07 Aug 2017
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Wavestore has launched v6.8 of its VMS to include support for VMWare ESXi – introducing virtualisation to the platform. End-Users that use Virtual Machines (VMs) as part of their IT infrastructure are now able to take advantage of the technology which can help reduce energy, software, and IT administration costs.

Version 6.8 also adds operator enhancements to Wavestore’s WaveView client software, such as the ability to dynamically search and instantly display, ad-hoc groups of devices. For example, typing in “door” will display any device that has “door” in its name, allowing the user to find specific clusters of cameras and/or devices.

“Our ‘one screen, total control’ philosophy drives us to ensure that our Partners can bring a range of technologies together so that operators can work day-to-day with Wavestore’s VMS”, says Julian Inman, Head of Product Management. “The VMS running in a virtualised environment can be used in conjunction with traditional Wavestore NVRs/HVRs and the operator can see and control the mixed group from a single screen if they wish. We bring together multiple devices, such as cameras, access control, intruder detection and advanced analytics; and now multiple server technologies all with the same easy to use front end to deliver a fully scalable and future-proof solution”.

Wavestore has also introduced a host of new integrations to the VMS. These include IP camera feature sets from Hikvision and Uniview, bringing functionality like face detection, line crossing, advanced motion detection, scene change notifications and more, which can be set to trigger specific actions on event. The full video analytics suite from AllGoVision is now integrated to deliver an analytics package for a range of applications and individual detection zones from Optex Redscan detectors can now be associated with specific actions.