WebWay launches new monitoring service

Posted On 15 Jun 2017
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WebWay has announced a new service for installers to provide to customers; CONXTD is a social network for alarms. Available on iPhone, Android & Desktop CONXTD is a mobile app and browser service which converts alarms into easy to read icons, colours, timelines and graphs. Users can create their own monitoring community of friends, family or colleagues who can view the site and receive notifications.

The company describes CONXTD as ideal for adding value to a bells only/audible alarm system for self-monitoring, or as a companion to professional monitoring. The event time line can combine alarms with images from a site – the system is integrated and can have connectivity to leading monitoring stations.

Webway has  selected a colour palette which is easily understandable and allows CONXTD to simply portray the status of alarm systems so the panel can report on more than simply burglary and fire alarms. CONXTD enables the full potential of the panel, by providing the end user information for them to make informed decisions and the ability to monitor trends.