Welsh hotel deals with false alarms

Posted On 19 Nov 2015
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cliff hotelNittan’s Evolution EV-DP Dual Wavelength Photoelectric smoke detectors have been installed into The Cliff Hotel & Spa in Cardigan, West Wales by Fire and Security Alarms (FAS) of Carmarthen.

As part of a hotel wide refurbishment project, the existing fire alarm system was removed and replaced with a system featuring 260 Nittan devices, including over 200 EV-DP smoke detectors.  The system runs on four loops controlled by an Advanced Electronics control panel.

Nittan Dual Wavelength Photoelectric smoke detectors were selected by the installer to prevent further issues of false alarms that the hotel had been experiencing previously.  The primary cause of these had been steam escaping from the en-suite bathrooms and activating the smoke alarms. EV-DP smoke measures the actual particle size in the chamber via its combined IR and blue LED technology.  As steam and dust are much larger particles than smoke, the detector won’t false alarm.